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Channels of Wellness is a proud Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic and Chiropractic facility. Our reputation is based on our complete focus on customer satisfaction and positive short and long term results. 

Our healing methodology is simple, we focus on relieving the short term symptoms while addressing the long term wellness benefits.


At Channels of Wellness, our licensed and qualified staff will work with you and ensure you are fully aware of the treatment plan. Our goal is to collaborate with you for your future benefit. 


Owner and certified practitioner Catherine King Ching

Catherine King Ching

Catherine is passionate about helping patients live free from chronic pain. She has personally experienced the benefits of acupuncture for chronic back pain. This inspired her to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She is now a certified practitioner. 

Catherine incorporates meridian diagnosis technology to help her clients understand how acupuncture and traditional treatment methods can help alleviate the root causes of their discomfort. She uses moxibustion, tui na (massage), acupuncture, and herbal medicine to improve the health wellness of her clients. 

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