Understanding your energy flow

Meridian health assessment provides a visual representation of the flow of qi energy in your body. It provides an overview of your health according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, and can help explain your current health issues and guide treatment.

What are Meridians?

Meridians are energetic channels through which qi, or vital energy, flows. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), blockages in the meridians can contribute to a variety of diseases in the body. Treatments such as acupuncture, tui na (massage), and herbal medicine can help improve the flow of qi energy through the body, and thus optimize health.


What is Meridian Health Assessment?

Meridian health assessment provides a visual map of the health of your meridians. An electrical instrument measures the flow of energy through the channels in your body. The data is then reported as a bar graph, showing which channels have optimal, deficient, or excessive qi. The full report also includes your Personal Integrated Energetic (PIE) score and common symptoms associated with your meridian energetics.


How Does a Meridian Health Assessment Work?

To measure your meridian health, a licensed acupuncturist and TCM practitioner will touch a probe with a moist, single-use cotton tip to acupuncture points on your hands and feet. A painless electric current is sent through the probe, and the electrical resistance along the meridian channel is measured. During this time, you are seated comfortably in a treatment room. The entire assessment and reporting takes about 15 minutes. The results from your digital meridian imaging is used in combination with your symptoms to develop customized plans for acupuncture and TCM treatments.

The Channels Difference

The use of digital meridian health assessments sets us apart from other Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture clinics. There are many benefits of using this technology to diagnose potential meridian maladies. 

Benefits of Digital Meridian Imaging

  • Objective documentation of qi energy balance

  • Evidence-based reports to document progress

  • Proof of treatment effectiveness

  • Fast to use and easy to understand

  • Helps to guide TCM assessment and treatment

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