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4 “TOO” causes of Menstruation Cramps and why Acupuncture can help

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

It’s that time of the month again, are you suffering from excruciating pain during your menstruation monthly?  Do you even take off work or school just because the pain is so severe?   Sometimes no matter how much Advil you take, how many hot pad you put on, it just simply won’t go away.   

Well, let’s look at it at a new angel and new approach.  In Chinese Medicine term, there are four main reasons for menstruation pain?  In general, there are 4 “TOO”s:

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1) TOO Emotional:  emotional turmoil like extreme sadness, angry, grief or depression, can cause us, without knowing, holding our breathes for a long period of time, which cause stagnation in Qi  (energy) flow in the body, decrease the blood circulation of the body; over time causes stagnation and pain in the uterus.   Regular meditation and relaxation can help maintain a more peaceful mind.

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2) TOO Cold: little do we know, that coldness actually really affects our reproduction organs, a lot of the problems we have now are simply causing by too much air conditioning, too much icy cold drinks, and expose too much body parts during the cold season.  All those actions contribute toward uterus pain, even infertilities.  So, always remember to keep warm. 

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3) TOO Weak:  When a body doesn’t have enough strength and energy to push the blood and nutrients flowing to nourish and to repair the body, there will be stagnation in the uterus and causing pain.  Extreme dieting might be the cause for that.

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4) TOO Toxic: Sometime too much toxic heat accumulated in the body and move down to the uterus can cause period pain.   Indulge in too much fried food, spicy food and alcohol could be the factors for that.

But no need to worry!  Have you tried Acupuncture?  It might be just what you need!!

Acupuncture is about regulating the Qi (energy) flow of the body and triggering the self healing functions.   Often, my patients claim that just a few treatments of acupuncture can eliminate their monthly pain completely.  Sometimes it is a side benefit from treatments of other symptoms.  That’s because once the body’s Qi starts to flow, the stagnation, the cold, the toxic can be removed, and a lot of the alarming symptoms will simply go away. 

Of course, we have to watch out for more serious gynecological conditions but in general, Menstruation Pain (Dysmenorrhea) can be simply treated with acupuncture first to alleviate the pain. 

Hope this help explain a little bit about how traditional Chinese medicine view menstruation pain. Please feel free to call (647)748-8863 to discuss in regards of any question you have :)

Keep warm be healthy

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