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7 Fat-Fighting Superfoods

Here are 7 kinds of foods you can consume comfortably during your weight loss journey!

1. Wax Gourd (Winter Melon)

  • High fibre content for improved metabolic rate¹

  • Prevent fat accumulation and facilitate digestion

  • Reduce water retention

2. Kelp

  • Soften nodules and disperse stagnation

  • Alginate natural fibre for blocking fat absorption in the gut²

  • Moderate cholesterol

3. Lotus Leaf

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Rich in taurine amino acid to slow the speed of fat and carbohydrates absorption

  • Offer antiobesity and hypolipidemic effects³

4. Barley

  • Barley water can reduce water retention and bloating

  • Low glycaemic index regulate blood sugar levels

  • Beta-glucan fibre can reduce visceral fat⁴

5. Hawthorn Berry

  • Lower blood pressure and increase metabolism to burn excess fat

  • Reduce fat buildup in the blood, liver, and fatty tissues

  • Improve lipids metabolism in the liver and adipose tissue⁵

6. Apple

  • Rich in minerals, vitamins, high concentration of fiber, and low in calories

  • Apple peels’ Ursolic acid natural compound for calorie burning⁶

  • Moderate cholesterol and blood sugar

7. Onion

  • Rich quercetin source for improving hyperlipidemia and obesity complications⁷

  • Strong probiotic, fat-free food to promote digestion

  • Rich in soluble fibre to keep your gut healthy

Always remember to avoid consuming anything in bulk or in excess amounts, finding a balance is always the key to reaching your health goals.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our Channels Blog for some recipes with these superfoods coming soon!


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