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Do You Have a Wellness Plan?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Health and wellness doesn't just happen by themselves. This is especially true as we age and our bodies start to feel the effects of time. Like a good financial plan, a well-laid out wellness plan can help you maintain your freedom and autonomy, and prevent unexpected emergencies from interfering with your life.

A wellness plan can be used by anyone at any time to maintain their health, improve their physical and emotional functioning, or reach specific goals. Let's take a look at some components of a comprehensive wellness plan.

Group of people enjoying yoga
Yoga could be a part of your overall wellness plan.

Sleep is an important time for rejuvenation and rest. On average, most adults need 7-8 hours of quality sleep to feel rested the next day. There are many factors that can impact the length and quality of sleep. And as anyone who has woken up after a poor night's sleep will tell you, not getting enough sleep can impair your physical and mental functioning.

For many people, time management, avoiding caffeine after noon, and a relaxing bedtime routine can help improve sleep. However, chronic sleep difficulties may need other interventions. Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and tui na (massage) may all improve this common condition. Book a consultation with a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to see how we can help.

Group of friends having fun
Spending time with friends can be a great way to manage your stress.

In our modern society, there are many potential triggers of stress-- from the hectic morning commute, to long hours at work, to relationship difficulties. It can sometimes feel overwhelming. The good news is, there are activities that will help relax your body and mind, and maybe even improve your ability to handle stressful situations.

Taking time for yourself to de-stress is an important part of stress management. Some people find watching videos relaxing, others find relief in a walk outdoors. You can also treat yourself to a yoga class, or try a brief meditation. Recognizing stress and attending to it in a timely manner can minimize its negative impacts on your life.

Couple taking a walk in a park
Walking is an activity that is easily accessible for many people, and supports overall health and well being.

There are many benefits to moving your body regularly. From improved mood, to lower risks of chronic disease, to better mobility in your day-to-day activities. Depending on your current levels of activity, and your health goals, you can find the movement options that best fit your needs. Physical activity need not be excessively intense nor strenuous to have a positive impact on your health.

Channels of Wellness offers a variety of yoga classes for those interested in this type of physical activity. Yoga can help improve flexibility, balance, and strength. It can also be modified to accommodate for injuries and larger bodies. Check out our class offerings here.

Group of friends enjoying food and drinks
Cheers to good food with friends!

Eating well can make a big impact on how you feel on a physical and emotional level. Prioritizing whole foods such as grains, vegetables, beans, nuts, and fruits, can help properly fuel your body. Paying attention to your internal hunger and fullness cues, and relying on these signals can help you avoid overeating in social settings or due to emotional reasons.

Replenishing your thirst with water is the best choice the majority of the time (except for those early mornings when coffee might be your best friend). If you drink alcohol, following moderate drinking guidelines (two drinks a day, 10 per week for women, and three drinks a day, 15 per week for men, with an extra drink allowed on special occasions) can minimize risks associated with alcohol consumption.

Scheduling book
Make time for your health, and your body will thank you for it!

Include in your wellness plan things you're already doing and intend on continuing, as well as goals you'd like to work towards. Feel free to add or take away sections to make it work for your life (for example, "creativity" might be an area that is important to you). It can be helpful to set a date to evaluate your wellness plan so you can figure out what's working and what's not. And don't be afraid to ask for input from healthcare providers-- we're here to help!

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