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Insomnia, Coughs, Bad Breath and Mouth Sores Explained with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

If there are symptoms such as red eyes, dry throat, hot air in the nose, bad breath in the mouth, cold sores, nosebleeds, toothache, etc., in the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the belief is that the body is showing symptoms of your body getting “angry” or is on fire.

No matter what organ is on “fire”, the most common and logical answer is that you should drink plenty of water (just don't get angry and drink plenty of water!), it is best to add some honey as honey coupled with water offer some incredible health benefits. Throughout this article we will focus on techniques that help with these common areas of concern.

If you notice any of these common conditions, a great remedy is to tap you Yongguan point 100 times before bed, apply medium pressure with your thumb. This technique helps adjust your heart and kidney function and restores a yin and yang balance.

Diagram of foot pressure point
Apply pressure before bed, press 100 times

Tip of the tongue: heart fire

If the tip of the tongue is red, accompanied by irritability, dry mouth, sore mouth, bad sleep, nightmares, cold hands and feet, night sweats, red hot, yellow stools, dry stools and other symptoms, it may extremely discomforting.

Solution: Drink lotus seed tea, press the sputum or moxibustion Daling point to reduce the heart fire.

Red on both sides of the tongue: liver fire

When there is liver fire, the tongue is also red, but mainly concentrated on both sides of the tongue, in addition to: sexual irritability, insomnia, dizziness, red eyes, red mouth, dry mouth, tinea, tinnitus, yellow tongue, chest pain Dry stool, itchiness of the milk, and a large amount of menstruation.

Solution: Drink chrysanthemum tea, press pressure point as depicted above or moxibustion to reduce liver fire.

The front half of the tongue is red: lung fire

Pulmonary fire manifests as a face with lines, dry nose, dry throat, cough, chest pain, dry cough, no phlegm or yellow and sticky, poor sleep, redness in the front half of the tongue;

Hand Pressure Point
Massage point between Thumb and Wrist

An excellent technique to reduce the amount of lung fire you may have is to massage the meaty portion of your hand located between your thumb and wrists. For the best effective do this twice a day for five minutes in the morning and evening.

Solution: Drink honeysuckle tea, press the sputum or moxibustion big fish to reduce lung fire.

Whole tongue red: stomach fire

Stomach fire is manifested as: annoying heat stomach pain, thirst bad breath, toothache, gum swelling, tooth bleeding, etc., want to drink cold water, easy to be hungry, the whole tongue is red, (sometimes red tongue yellow, yellow covered with red)

Solution: Drink Kudingcha, press the sputum or moxibustion stomach fire.

Red tongue and little moss: kidney fire

If the tongue is red and less mossy, the waist is sore, the hair is off, the mouth is dry, the tinnitus is sometimes bad, and sometimes the sleep is not good. If you are disturbed by the heart on this basis, there will be upset, night sweats, hot hands and feet, and most of them are the performance of yin and anger. In severe cases, the tongue is redder, there is no moss or little moss, it may be a thin layer of yellow moss, indicating that there is heat.

To remedy the symptoms when you are experience kidney fire, apply pressure on the top of your foot (either is fine) between your 2nd and 3rd toe. Do this twice a day for 3-5 minutes.

Solution: Drink honey chrysanthemum tea, press sputum or moxibustion to cool the kidneys.

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