Make the Most Out of 'San Fu Tian' This Year

San Fu Tian 三伏天 (Summer Dog Days) are traditionally the hottest and most humid days of the year, occurring on July 3 to August 11 each year. In fact, this is a particularly important time frame in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as long summer is deemed the best time to treat winter diseases.

Our body’s Yang energy peaks during the hot weather, while the cold and dampness previously buried in our body now surface to the top of our skin - making this the best opportunity to disperse the cold, expel dampness, and build Yang in preparation for the coming Winter.

Here are some tips and rules you can follow for the next 30 days!

Five Things to Try Not to Do:

  1. Avoid taking a cold shower right after excessive sweating

  2. Avoid sleeping naked

  3. Avoid drinking too much cold beverages

  4. Avoid chugging or gulping down water

  5. Avoid prolonged sun exposure

Four Fruits to Avoid Eating:

  1. Dragon Fruit - ‘cold’ type

  2. Lychee - ‘heaty’ type

  3. Watermelon - abdominal discomfort

  4. Mango - ‘damp’ type

Four Healthy Foods to Consume:

  1. Lotus Root - clear heat and dissipate blood stasis

  2. Mung Bean Sprout - dispel internal heat and toxins

  3. Bitter Melon - expel heat and reduce inflammation

  4. Green Mung Beans - expel toxins

Five Tips to be Mindful Of:

  1. Protect the neck from exposure to wind and coldness

  2. Prevent your hair from staying wet

  3. Consume warmer foods and drinks to protect your stomach

  4. Drink water slowly and space it out in smaller amounts throughout the day

  5. Moisturize and protect your eyes from the sun and heat

  6. Avoid intense early morning exercises

Apart from following these tips above, it is also a good time for patients to do San Fu Tian Moxibustion Therapy, which is one of the TCM modalities that can help replenish Yang, promote blood circulation, and cure Winter diseases in the Summer.

Call and visit Channels of Wellness today to learn more about how moxibustion can benefit you!

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