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Need a Massage Badly? Have You Tried DDS Massage?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Direct Detoxification System (DDS) massage combines electric therapy with the principles of acupuncture, massage, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During a DDS massage, the therapist uses massage techniques and bioelectric currents on your body to stimulate the meridians (energetic and physical channels through which blood flows). These currents work on the peripheral nerves as well as the central nervous system to induce relaxation and healing.

Direct Detoxification System
DDS Massage stimulates the muscles, tendons, and nerves of the body.

DDS massage is a controlled therapy that promotes better blood flow and viscosity (thickness). It helps to clear blockages of meridians. When circulation is at its peak, illness has a hard time surviving in the body.

Some of the Known Benefits of DDS:

• Promote Blood Circulation

• Activate Nerve and Muscle Tissue

• Clearing the Blockages of the Meridian

• Regulating Digestive System

• Anti-Inflammatory Effect

• Elimination of Fatigue

• Purify and Detoxify

Improved Nerve and Muscle Function

DDS therapy activates nerves and muscles to improve overall nervous system functioning and restore muscle tone. In this way, it helps to relieve muscle pain.

Improved Digestion and Stress Response

DDS massage can help regulate your digestive system and promote healthy endocrine responses to stress. When the functions of your endocrine glands is boosted, everything from sleep to appetite, digestion to stress management is improved. With regular applications of DSS therapy, your organ systems will function at a greater level of wellness, and fatigue will be reduced.

Emotional Healing

When you start to clear out the physical junk, it makes room for your body to heal emotionally. Just like the Earth is cleansed after a thunderstorm, DDS has a profound cleansing and clearing effect on all systems of your body.

DDS massage is just one of the many treatments we offer to help you de-stress and find balance in your body and mind. Tui na, cupping, and yoga can all be channels to your personal wellness. Interested in learning more? Book an appointment with one of our practitioners or check out a yoga class today.

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