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Notice How We Seem to Get Angry and Frustrated More Easily in the Spring Season?

It is because everything had shrunk inside in the Winter, and in the Spring, everything starts to thaw out - all the good and all the bad - which includes the emotional aspect. The characteristics of liver function tend to be easily excessive, causing symptoms of Liver Fire.

It is vital to nourish, calm and detoxify your liver in the Spring season.

Spring is a very important time to protect our Yang (Sun) Qi, that’s our Protective energy, as the Yang Qi is just slowly rising and the weather is still cold.

Springtime is also the time of planning, setting visions and goals, distributing resources, reserving energy, and preventing burnout.

12 Main Symptoms you have Liver Fire

  1. Migraine, tension headache

  2. Anger, stress, short temperament

  3. Flushed, heat sensation in the face

  4. Red, dry eyes and blurred vision

  5. Lump on the throat

  6. Burning stomach pain

  7. Irregular period, heavy period

  8. Tinnitus, ear ringing

  9. Constipation

  10. Easily fatigued, low energy

  11. Dry mouth, bitter taste, bad breath

  12. Insomnia

Follow these FIVE aspect tips to help manage Liver Fire, nourish your liver system:

1. Diet: Eat more greens, avoid spicy foods and alcohol

“Green enters the liver meridian”, gently stir fry some leafy greens can help smooth the circulation of liver Qi, accelerate metabolism, and relieve liver stagnation.

Spicy foods consumption causes liver fire to raises too quickly. Alcohol consumption damages the liver. Therefore, it is best to avoid the two, especially in the Spring.

In addition, drinking an adequate amount of room temperature water promotes metabolism, helps expel toxins from the body, and reduces the burden on liver detoxification.

2. Lifestyle: Avoid staying up late, get sufficient sleep

Sleep by 11:00 pm at night and wake up a little earlier as the sun rises earlier in Spring. According to the biological clock, the best time for liver detoxification and repair is between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am. That’s why it is recommended to avoid staying up late and ensure adequate sleep for liver maintenance, which is good for the repairing and regeneration of liver cells.

3. Exercise: Slowly is the key, give enough time to warm up

Gentle stretches and exercises like Tai Chi and Yoga can help soften and strengthen the tendon, ligament and small muscle group; helping with balance and flexibility. Warm-up before exercising will increase the blood flow to your muscles and can help reduce muscle soreness and lessen the risk of injury. Exercises and workouts that involve heavy sweating are not recommended as they can deplete the Yang energy in the body

4. Emotions: Control your anger, let go of the negative emotions

Anger damages the liver as bursts of anger can damage the liver cells. And when you are angry, you are holding your breath. It leads to abnormal liver Qi drainage, which results in liver Qi stagnation. Avoid excessive emotional fluctuations and stay optimistic in your daily life!

5. Acupuncture and Massage: Smooth the liver channel

Daily massages or weekly acupuncture treatments can easily help regulate and smooth the Qi flow in the liver channels, which enhances liver function. It is very effective to treat liver function in the Spring and it is a great way to start the new year. Here are some acupuncture points to stimulate.

期门穴 Qimen 曲泉穴 Ququan 太沖穴 Taichong 合谷穴 Hegu

Spring is a time of new beginnings, rejuvenation and full of potential, let’s take care of our liver health and enjoy everything the season has to offer!

Book your seasonal tune-up appointment with Channels of Wellness today.

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