Reducing Obesity with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Obesity is a fundamental issue with the body and the balance between food intake and calories burnt. In this article we will review some of the different types of Obesity and how we can help reduce its level while improving the general health of the individual.

1. Upper body fat: it is caused by our deficient spleen and stomach;

2. Lower body fat: is a result of deficiencies in our liver and gallbladder and the inability of our kidney to properly detoxify toxins.

3. Arm Thickness: demonstrates that our cardiopulmonary function is weak and potential blockages in the heart and large intestine meridians.

4. Back Fat: This is an indicator that there are issues with our bladders often in women the menstruation cycle is also poor.

5. Abdominal Fat accumulation: mainly caused by a general lack of heat in the body;

6. General Body Fat: Over consumption of calories with too little movement!

Upper body fat: Caused by dysfunction of the spleen and stomach.

If the spleen and stomach are weak, the water will not get normal transport, resulting in turbidity and siltation in the body; if it is gastrointestinal heat will result in excessive appetite, creating a sensation of hunger and a constant need to eat, leading to excessive nutritional intake, therefore upper body will gain weight and form an apple-shaped figure.

Lower body fat: Poor liver and gallbladder, poor ability for detoxification.

There are many toxins in the human body, such as free radicals, cholesterol, fat, uric acid, lactic acid, water poisoning and congestion. The liver and gallbladder kidney are the main detoxification organs of the human body. If these liver and gallbladder kidneys have problems, the meridian detoxification is not smooth resulting in a slow metabolism rate for fat cells, the toxins tend to accumulate in the lower body, resulting in lower body obesity (pear shape).

Thick arms: Bad stomach, weak heart and lung function.

The heart and the large intestine mainly pass through our upper limbs meridians. If these meridians are blocked the toxins in the body are easily deposited in this area, resulting in regional fat build up in the arms especially the triceps.

Back obesity

Obesity in the back: the bladder can not pass through.

The bladder is a natural barrier to the outside world, and it is the largest detoxification channel in the human body. If the bladders meridian is not clear, this will cause a build up of fat in the back of the neck, general back and the legs.

Frequent inactivity will cause a stiffness in the back, shoulder and neck. This is caused by the back meridian clogging seriously affecting metabolism. It is worth noting that the back is an easy area for the to accumulate a great deal of fat. In addition, excessive coldness causes cold in the back, bladder will become blocked, internal toxins can not be discharged in time, fat metabolism is slowed down, resulting in thick neck and back obesity.

Abdominal fat accumulation

Abdominal fat accumulation: caused by clogging of the veins and blockage of the meridians.

The so-called "pulse" refers to the vein that is located between the waist and the abdomen and the only lateral meridian of the human body. The other meridians of the human body are vertical. Only the "pulse with veins" is wrapped around in a circle. Envision the longitudinal meridians are tied by a rope and once this becomes blocked it impacts all the meridians that pass through. As a result, abdominal obesity sets in.

Methods to reduce Obesity

In fact, we summarize the causes of various types of obesity, it is not difficult to find that the important factor leading to obesity according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is a result of specific blockages in certain meridians.

If the meridians are not flowing correctly, it will cause blockages and build up of specific toxins, and over time lead to weigh gain and ultimately obesity.

1. Temperature rise is an effective method to clear meridians

Through proper physical exercise, the body warms up and reduces the overall cold and dampness, therefore the body can be fully unfrozen, and the various pipes(meridians) can run naturally and smoothly. In this scenario, moxibustion or fire needling can also help with increasing the overall temperature of the meridians and thus promoting the free flow of QI and resulting in weight loss

2. Ear massage to stimulate the kidney

Method: According to the doctrine of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidney is directly connected to the ear, more specifically the ear wheel, which is the semi-circle that runs from the top of the ear to the ear lobe. Use you thumb and forefinger up and down along the ear wheel (edge of the ear) for 1 minute, until the ear wheel is warm. Do this twice a day for best results.

The ears are covered with acupuncture points for the entire body, so the massage of the ears not only strengthens the kidneys, but also opens other acupuncture points.

3. Back Massages

Moderate massages on the back can help stimulate the yang, and clear the meridians of blockages which in turn promote the movement of blood and reconcile the internal organs, and achieve the effects of eliminating fatigue, calming the nerves and soothing the nerves;

Cupping and acupuncture treatments can also assist with the movement of QI in the back to stimulate meridian repair.

At the same time, the back massages can also stimulate the back skin and subcutaneous tissue, through the nervous system and meridian conduction thus strengthening the body's endocrine and nervous system functions, improve the body's immunity and disease resistance.

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