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Spring is the Best Time for Detoxification

A season for detoxification, regrowth, and renewal

According to TCM, toxins can accumulate in the body due to factors such as a poor diet, environmental pollution, emotional stress, and a sedentary lifestyle and cause many health problems such as fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, skin disorders, and more. Detoxification is an important aspect of maintaining good health and preventing disease.

In TCM, the body's detoxification process is closely related to the function of the liver, which

· Filters and removes toxins from the blood

The liver processes and metabolizes many of the substances that enter the body, including drugs, hormones, and environmental toxins. It converts these substances into less harmful or more easily excreted forms, which are then eliminated from the body through urine or feces.

· Processes emotional toxins

The liver is responsible for maintaining the smooth flow of blood and Qi throughout the body. When qi moves smoothly, bad emotions such as stress, anger, and frustration will calm down.

· Store and releases blood

When excess blood is stored in the liver, it creates a pressure gradient that encourages the release of toxins from the tissues and into the bloodstream.

Spring is the season of the liver, the best time to nourish the liver and detoxify our body. We encourage you to promote detoxification through:

· Proper diet

· Exercise

· Stress management

· Professional TCM treatment

Book your springtime TCM detox treatment session at Channels today!

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