TCM Tips for Good Health during the Summer Season - especially the Heart function

Summer heat causes everything to expand, and that includes all the veins and vessels in our bodies, forcing more blood volume to run through the chambers of the heart. Which increases the workload for those suffer from weaker heart function. That’s why it is very important to protect the heart during the Summer season from being overheated or over-exhausted. Here are some important tips for you and your family to keep in mind while enjoying your Summer weather together!

Heart is seen as the emperor of all the organ systems, which houses the mind and the spirit. Heart oversees the harmonious function of the whole body. So during this season, we must see nourishing, tendering and caring for the heart as the main objective!

The summer heat tends to disturb the heart and could cause anxiety, exhaustion and irritability.

Beware that overjoyed emotions or extended sadness can overload the heart; therefore maintaining more well balanced mood is the key to nourishing your heart.

Taking a quick early afternoon nap to avoid mid-day heat; give the heart some time to take a break. Also remember to spare some time to meditate and cultivate peace of mind.

Sweating in moderation during the Summer season is very helpful for the body to push out excess toxins, viruses and bacteria on the flesh level. Be sure to drink adequate hot tea or water to replenish and hydrate the body.

During the morning and evening routine while brushing your teeth, make sure you exam and exercise your tongue. This practice can help predict and prevent acute heart conditions. If you notice a stiffer tongue than usual, it’s a signal that your heart function is under stress; you shall then pay extra attention to relax your heart in the following days.

For patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, do not take cold showers. The cold water temperature can cause blood pressure to rise and blood vessels to contract suddenly, which might cause more harm than good.

In terms of dietary care, consume more mild flavour food that calms the heart; for example lotus seeds, lotus roots, bitter melon, lily bubs, white radish, rose tea, hawthorn berries, and mung beans.

Last but not least, enjoy your Summer by sunbathing your back to tonify Yang energy (a.k.a. Sky Moxibustion treatment) for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, best before 11 am and after 4 pm, to avoid excessive radiation and sunburn. Spring and Summer are the seasons to nourish Yang energy. Yang energy strengthens the immune system, and provides the crucial ammunition to prepare to fight over the viruses and diseases in the coming months.

That’s why moxibustion treatment is also the best for Summer, it can really dig deep to dispel the inner cold from inside. We’ll see you on your next booking! :)

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