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Rockin The Fillmore Rar




, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin, Organ, Backing Vocals (backing vocals, singing backing vocals) – (3) Frampton said, "Bob asked me what I thought of [a] Gibson ES-335. I told him it was an incredible instrument. I never even owned a 335, but I realized I wanted to play one. Bob played it in a funky kind of way, and I immediately fell in love with it.. Today, Jimi Hendrix is recognized as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.. One of the greatest is Eric Clapton. He has owned and used (in his music) some of the finest guitars in the world, but he always used a Gibson.. He said that was the guitar he learned how to play on." *Ginny Maples - Keyboards, Electric Piano, Piano, Organ, Hammond Organ, Mellotron, Vocals, Backing Vocals (backing vocals, singing backing vocals) - (2) Maples stated that Eric Clapton "is really a genius.. He and Jimmy Page work well together.. Eric Clapton is one of the best guitar players of all time, maybe the best.. The thing that I love about Eric Clapton, and I would agree with Pete Townshend, is that he has his own style. He isn't afraid to use other influences.. He used a wah pedal on "Layla," which is a Gretsch wah.. All you need is a tone that's all your own.. I like to use a Vox Wah Wah as my main pedal.. All you do is blow into the back of it.. It gives you a big sound.. I also have a two-prong tone control.. I use it for distortion, reverb, and for a blues sound.. And I have a master volume that is set at eight o'clock.. And I use a Les Paul for all my chords and for stuff like that." *Scott Hales - Bass, Electric Bass - (4) Hales said, "When I first heard Jimmy Page, I didn't know what to think.. I found out that he was in Led Zeppelin, and he was just incredible.. I wasn't into the whole guitar thing.. But I discovered Jimmy Page and started listening to guitar.. The first guitar that really interested me was a white one.. I'd read



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Rockin The Fillmore Rar

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