Channels of Wellness' Thermal Massage Bed


A Customized Fit

  • Our Thermal Massage Bed features a spinal scan technology and a automatic up-and-down function of the APMS (Advanced Projector Moving System) providing a thermal massage that suites your body.

  • By using the six levels of intensity control and 12 massage programs. You can personalize the thermal massage to suit your needs. 


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Spine Scanning

The internal projector, while moves along the body from head to tailbone, analyzing the length of your spine and the degree of your spinal curvature to suggest a massage that best-accommodates your body. Running between the  vertebrae, the projector also stimulates points along the spine that vary from each person, specifically the pressure points in the muscles on the sides of each vertebra.

APMS(Advanced Projector Moving System)

The spinal scan helps analyze the user's

spinal characteristics. Using that information,

the automatic internal projector automatically

adjusts the height/contour of the Automatic

Thermal Massager to match the user's spine. This innovative feature helps ensure maximum comfort and efficacy during the massage. The APMS that automatically accommodates each user's spinal curvature also offers the 6 levels of intensity control so that you can choose the intensity of massage you want.

Some of the potential benefits include


Pain Relief

  • Arthritis

  • Sore/Stiff Muscles

  • Join Pain

  • Shoulder or Back Pan



  • Re-Balance Digestion

  • Thermal heat relaxation

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